Dronefest - 3 March Rosny Tasmania


Demonstrating to young and old the exciting and innovative world of drone technology

A community development activity by the Rotary Club of Bellerive and Howrah

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We aim to interest

  • Commercial and government operators of drones, and potential users of drone technology.
  • Private individuals including young people (18-35 yrs), with an interest in the operation of drones, and in surveillance and monitoring operations
  • enhance the awareness of the possibility of drone surveillance in the management of natural disasters, such as bushfires and floods, and in the surveillance of livestock, crops,
  • Educators with an interested in stimulating young people to pursue studies and careers in aspects of science applied in the demonstrate to young people, especially, that exciting and innovative drone technology, plus related innovative surveillance and monitoring technology has been developed operation of drones, and in the associated scientific disciplines involved in undertaking surveillance and monitoring operations .
  • Young people and families interested in a fun, educational outing.




Free Entry


Saturday 11 am - 4 pm



Flying Displays

Food and drinks







Organizer Robert  Hardy Rotary Club of Howrah
Phone; 0418 138 660  Email